James Daniels Memorial Fund

James fund has been running for 9 years now.  We decided to set up the fund after James’ death in 2005, he was at University in Chichester training to be a PE teacher. We have helped local clubs/societies/schools etc with funds towards equipment, coaching courses anything really that will help young people.

James’ passion was cricket and football we have bought many football kits, goals, equipment for cricket clubs (nets, new bats for club prizes etc) even money towards a new football pitch for Denton Cricket Club.

We have paid for gymnastic and judo equipment and of course most of the equipment for the D of E here at PCS.

Also at PCS we have paid for kit for football/netball etc starting pistols for the sports day events, the defibrillator training for PCS staff and coaching for ex-students.

Our most recent donation has been for the fees for a year (£1000) for a drama coach for Seaford Young dramatists.

We will do anything we can do to help young people with activities and especially if they can then help other young people ie coaching courses.

We get funds for our charity from doing a fete every year in Denton, we do treasure hunts, quizzes a local cricket club holds a tournament once year and many more people donate for different reasons.

Anyone wanting funding can contact us at 01273 516848 or email Paul on pdannobn9@aol.com